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Want to master the power of Innovative Thinking? Want to be more creative?  Do you want you and your team to be motivated to outperform your competition by the sheer force of creativity? Then you need to hire Lon for your next event. You will be inspired! Lon is proven to improve your bottom line.

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Keynote Speaker

Want to lead your future rather than your future leading you? Want to make sense of the radical changes happening in business, development, marketing, and communications? Do you want your team inspired with creativity?
“Our world is being turned on its ear. You can either turn with it or be left dizzy and confused.”  – Lon Safko
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Bestselling Books

When Lon writes about innovation in this ever-changing new world, he is solving real problems that people face: a world that has changed very quickly at a pace that continues changing even faster. If you don’t keep up, you will be left behind.  Exercise your most important muscle…  Your Brain!
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Bestselling Books

When Lon writes about our world, his books are solving real problems that we all face. We live in a world that is changing fast. How long will you remain relevant?  Do you know how to keep pace?  What the next trend is?  What’s coming tomorrow?  You have a responsibility to keep current!
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Disruptive Innovation

Want to learn from someone who has actually been there, done that? Lon has a proven background of Innovation and creativity that is contagious! An internationally recognized Innovator, author, Pulitzer Prize nominee, 3-time patent holder, has 18 inventions and 30,000 professional papers in The Smithsonian Institution.
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Disruptive Innovation

Lon invented the First Computer to Save a Human Life, first to commercialize Voice Synthesizing, Voice Recognition, Home automaton, founded the Assistive Technology Industry, holds 3 patents for Three-Dimensional-Internet-Advertising, and is in The Guinness Book World Records.  Want to know how he did it?
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Lon is a serial bestselling author of more than a dozen books in several innovative categories. Jut one book exceeded $2m in sales and another was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize!

What people around the world are saying about Lon...

  • Mind-blowing! Miss it and you are derailed! Lon Safko and the content were the core strengths of the presentation.

    Suwandee Chaiwarut
    Advisor, Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Malaysia, ex Dir Marketing for Red Bull
  • Lon has the human wealth of experience and knowledge from his career history, enabling him to share and simplify the approach of communication and strategy development. The content and delivery were the strengths of his speaking.

    Nicholas Ling
    Group Marketing Manager, RMA Group Malaysia
  • Lon did an amazing job; from personal greeting at the beginning of the presentation to sharing valuable information comprehensively during the event. There were lots of practical applications.

    Jan Eilers
    Sales & Marketing Manager, MAGMA Engineering Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Malaysia
  • Lon Safko is extremely knowledgeable on subject matter and is a very good speaker. Lon’s presentation was the main highlight of the conference.

    Maurina Abdul Hamid
    Marketing Communications Officer, Baiduri Bank
  • Lon was passionate and committed to his area of expertise.

    Grace Briones
    Revenue Management Administrator, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International Malaysia
  • Lon Safko is one of the best speakers I have ever met. He can create the hook. The main strength of the presentation was the content.

    Mohamad Madani
    E-Marketing Manager, Azizia Panda United Co., Dubai